Friday, 10 June 2011

Boat Show Day 1

Nice day at the Show with good crowds, not too busy and not too quiet, lots of time to walk around and have a chat with friends and was great to see a heap of familiar faces coming in to the Fishing Fever Stand. Highlight for me was watching Lee and Adam talk about Egi Fishing to a fresh audience who had never heard of it before, very receptive audience and is another good sign of Egi Fishing popularity in Australia.

Fishing Fever Stand

Adam 'Mad Dog' Royter Giving Egi talk

Lee Rayner (Fishing Fever Tackle Store, Adventure Bound TV) Giving Egi Talk

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Melbourne Boat Show

Will be at the Melbourne Boat show on Thursday and Friday helping out on the Fishing Fever stand so pop past if are there and say hi, am hoping to keep the weekend free though as another search for some big southern Port Phillip Bay Squid is on the agenda. Been some nice squid coming in and we still have about a month before they start moving in bigger numbers, good sign so far.

I am going to also have a look at some of the squid reef we have been building over the last few years and see how they are progressing, if last weekend is anything to go by then we are in for a treat as the big ones we caught a fortnight ago came from an area near one of our squid reefs. Later on this year we will be working with a diver to implant mobile squid reef nearby common squid breeding areas, once the reef has become laden with eggs then the reef will be transported underwater to one of our constructed permanent reefs. We are doing this for a few reasons but mainly to take the pressure off the current spawning areas as they are relatively small and are well known to anglers this will hopefully allow squid to continue spawning at current known locations as well as create a new population of squid that can spawn with out angler pressure for a while to increase population doubling times and maintain an already healthy population of squid. I will be speaking to the DPI about a squid reef program in the coming months so if any one has any input they would like to pass on all thoughts are appreciated.