Thursday, 13 September 2012

We Won, Anglers of Australia stand proud

Fellow Anglers,
Today was a momentous day for Australian Anglers, for the first time in 20 years we stood up and protected our rights to fish in our own waters without fear and intimidation by over powering government intervention.

Proudly as anglers we can stand up knowing that our fight was fair and a campaign run with fact and integrity built on a solid foundation of information not propagan
da. When the opposition stood up for recreational fishing the greens who wanted to squash recreational fishing voted against us. Amendments were re written and a clear concise decision to incorporate the terms rec fishing and charter rec fishing was included as a protected group was named.

Sadly our comrades in our domestic commercial fishing industry have been dealt a blow with the planned amendments to allow local domestic small scale commercial fishing to maintain arbitrary power free were not successful.

At this time of the year when anglers are generally more concerned with fishing than the politics of fishing we stood up and soldiered on to achieve what we needed to KEEP AUSTRALIA FISHING - I ask you all to raise your virtual glasses and toast yourselves on a battle hard won. Cheers to all who did their bit you all know who you are.
Special thanks need to go out to Mr. Dale McClelland, Mr Daniel Stanilovic and the team at WEFISH for the countless hours put in above and beyond what we could have ever expected, forever in their debt. 
For continued information on rec fishing issues that we will continue to fight for look up WEFISH info blog to see the work that Daniel has put in.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Talking BIG squid at Fishing Fever

Last night I had the privilege to stand next to one of Australia's best known angler's Lee Rayer and talk to his many customers about catching big squid.

We have conducted many seminars on catching squid at Fishing Fever over the last couple of years, however on this occasion it was targeted on catching only BIG squid. Sadly the night was booked within hours so many missed out but rest assured that there will be more in the very near future. Lee kicked off the evening talking about the many variables that are taken into account and why targeting big squid is very different than just targeting squid in general. We went through many of the various techniques on using bait and discussing squid them selves along with habitat and water conditions before the pizza arrived and a short break was taken so we could gorge ourselves on pizza

All full and garlic scented we all got back into the business of talking BIG squid. We both got lots of questions about what we had been talking about which is a great indication of the level of interest in squid fishing and new eging techniques.

 For those who missed out contact the store on 039590 9899 for details and dates on the next BIG squid night at Fishing Fever.

Fun with Gekii Yoshida.

Attack on Mr Yoshida, During my last trip to Japan there were many occasions where I was in stitches laughing but none more so than on this occasions.

As you would have seen by some of the clips earlier in my blog, I conducted an interview with Geki Yoshida, one of Japans best known and most popular bass fishermen, as I had caught some good sized Bass in Lake Gogawa Japan. What happened after the interview was the subject of much hilarity.

Geki boarded our boat to conduct the interview from another boat and was not aware that the bracket on the electric motor was faulty and had been playing up all day, this gave us the opportunity to have some fun with a Yoshida attack. Camera on, Mr Hiraiwa asked Geki to pull the electric motor up so we could get going. The rest is in the clip. For any one who has had a faulty electric motor bracket  this will give you a few laughs, very funny stuff, also I can not take responsibility for his fast learning of the word bullshit!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Squid talks coming up

Its that time of the year again where I start meandering over the country talking all things squid,  I have been inundated with requests in the last couple of weeks from stores and clubs to run clinics and seminars and have been working with some to square some dates away, we have a few locked in for Victoria and are working on dates for the rest of Australia with plans for one in SA in about 6 to 8 weeks. I will post dates as they come to hand but for now here is a couple that are squared away.

Sept 11th - BOOKED OUT - a second night is being orgianised.
Fishing Fever BIG squid night, learning methods for targeting big squid starting at 1900.
Contact Fishing Fever in Mordialloc 03 9590 9899 for more details.

Sept 26th
Knox Boat Fishing Club
General meeting - Guest speaker Paul Carter talking squid.
For club membership details contact KBFC on the web site.

Oct 5th
Hooked on Bait and Tackle
Squid fishing in Australia with Gan Craft presented by Paul Carter, will be concentrating on catching squid in the southern end of PPB and learning the ins and outs of squid by understanding the way they feed breed and how to use that information on the water.
Contact Hooked on Bait and Tackle 03 97483811 for more details.