Thursday, 20 September 2012

Another Big Squid talk night at Fishing Fever

With the success of the previous talk night at Fishing Fever on the subject of catching big squid the store was hounded to do another so Tuesday night we did just that.

Its been very clear that in the last few years the popularity of squid fishing has been on the constant rise, the anglers thirst for knowledge and willingness to try new things has opened this type of fishing up to a whole new market. It was only 5 years ago when you would struggle to find anything other than a 2.5 sized squid jig in an Australian tackle store and with our understanding of squid and how they feed more people that  target squid are now looking at bigger and better sized squid.

Setting big squid as a target can be very different than just simply looking for squid, most people who are chasing squid at this time of the year are doing so to have fresh bait or as a secondary species, that said there are now many dedicated squid anglers in this country who chase down squid as their primary target. Knowing that we can now concentrate on teaching people how to find just big squid and target them and it is not as clear cut as some would think.

The night was another big success with all seats full of people with open minds and a smile, I really enjoy when the audience participates with the seminars as it is easy to measure peoples interest when they ask lots of questions and this night was no exception, great bunch of people and a great shop.

For more info on upcoming talk nights and whats happening around the store check out Fishing Fever's web site and sign up for the reports, this will mean that when the store holds information evenings you will be the first to know and have priority on a seat as they are limited. Massive thanks to Lee Rayner for inviting me along and joining in with him and to the staff who looked after everything was a great night, also thanks to Peter Ward for snapping of a few pics on my camera.