Sunday, 18 September 2011

Another bigtime morning

Spent another brilliant morning on Western Port with with the team on board Bigtime Fishing Charters, I have to admit first thing this morning I wanted to climb back into bed after only climbing into bed an hour before hand I was not feeling up to a 5 hour session on the water, so after hitting the snooze button a few times on the alarm clock I climbed out of bed jumped in the shower and headed to Hastings to meet up with the guys at 0500. Wind was a South West dropping, barometer was climbing at a rate of knots and things were looking better the closer I got, all of a sudden the motivation kicked in and thoughts were focused on squid.

We left the ramp right on 0500 and headed North up the port to our first point of cast, it took a little while but the squid came to the party eventually, they were not in big numbers but what they made up for in numbers they made up in for in size, although we got some nice squid either we are still waiting for a second run of big breeders to make there way into the Port, we have seen the same sort of numbers in Western Port this year but the average size of the squid has been lower than in previous years.

Slowly moving south we worked the whole west bank from Quail to Stoney in near perfect conditions, light wind, overcast with sunny patches, the customers started landing some nice squid so I put a rod down so I could take some happy snaps,  fried to bigtime Dave popped over for a bait session with his Couta Craft Gunshot, nice looking boats on the water and a real fishing weapon for those looking for a serious fishing boat, there is not much that these things can not take.

We finished up the day with some great squid taken on a variety of egi, my pick was Gan Craft 3.0 Hero and 3.5 Pink Head Shrimp, Gawaine was smacking most of his on a MegaBass 3.5 Dart Crew Caiyen Tribal, others were landned on Yamashita Natural 3.0 Jp's, and Yamashita Egi O Q's, mostly in Darker colors. Also a stand out for the day was a Gesola in black and white 3.5.

Although snapper season has well an truely started and plenty of snapper charters will be happening in the coming months Gawaine has assured me that we will continue to run squid trips through out the season and into the next season, great news for those still keen to learn a thing or 2 about squid and catching them.