Saturday, 16 June 2012

Western Port been tough

I managed to get out on the water with Australian Yamashita Pro Staffer Dominic last week for a quick bash around the top end of Westernport, it was a very miserable day and as it was raining the camera stayed hidden for most of the trip, we did manage a nice bag of squid with some released and some taken home for Dom to enjoy a feed, for me the stand out color for me being Gan Craft Sardine in size 3

We launched at Hastings and headed north as the concentration of the squid had been around the northern area's of the port, it was a tough start with a few drifts failing to produce any squid but when the tide turned we managed to start to pick up a few squid in trusty locations that have always produced squid when the going was tough. Size was down on the previous years when fishing at this time of the year but we have put that down to the heavy rain occurring over the last few weeks, it appears that the spawn time may have been put back so a late season may be on the cards.

As miserable as the day was it was good to catch up and finally have a fish with Dom in his backyard so to speak I look forward to do it again some time soon. I also good to see how other people fish for squid, different companies use different methods to both target and catch squid and many of the methods Dom use are very distinctly Yamashita where when you look at the way I fish it is clear that I use the Gan Craft style, learning how others fish is always going to benefit the way I fish as you can never learn too much when it comes to fishing.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Tasmanian Squid Article

Just had an article published in Tasmanian Fishing and Boating News, so for all my friends not on the mainland get yourselves a copy for all the goss and news on squid

 All pictures taken on my camera by Daniel Stanilovic and Dale McClellend, thanks guys.