Saturday, 20 April 2013

New Wheels


Has been a long time due but the time had come to say goodbye to my trusty van and buy a new car, there was nothing really wrong with my van but I did have a few long trips planned and the fuel consumption with the boat on was a killer, a trip to Jervis Bay was 5 tanks of deisel so it was time to look at something a bit newer and tougher for towing.

It had taken me ages to finally decide on something but when I went to Japan and saw the Toyota FJ Cruiser that belonged to MrHiraiwa of Gan Craft my mind was made up. I looked at the 2012 late in September 2012 but the one thing holding me back was the 70 litre fuel capacity and looking at the cost of a long range tank I was in 2 minds as the kilometer range of the FJ would have been about the same as my van. I did some home work and found that Toyota was releasing their 2013 model with a 158 litre fuel tank. so all I had to do was wait.

The 2013 model was due in May 2013 so I thought before I went to Japan in February I may as well go and order one before I left. After speaking with a few dealers I ended up talking with John at Anthony Smith Toyota who was nothing less than brilliant. Normally I dont plug people for the sake of plugging them but the service and price he gave me is worth talking about. Yeah the show room was more than 100km away from my home but when you are getting looked after you dont mind travelling, we also bought my wifes car from there a couple of years ago and the service was the same. Knowing that the vehicle was not due  until May I went on my trip to Japan not expecting to see my car for a few months. You can then imagine my surprise when John rang me mid February to tell me my car was ready to pick up.

I made the trip over and again the service John gave me was great, I pretty much walked in signed some paper work and inside 10 minutes I was driving my new car home. Now I had some plans for this car as I wanted it to be the same as the one in Japan that Mr Hiraiwa has but when I got it home I enjoyed so much how it drove the plans for the big wheels and tyres, bullbars and lift kits were not going to happen. I clocked up 1000km prety quick and was able to then put the boat on and take it for a drive. So now I know that the car drives nice how it is, it tows like an animal and feels great on the road without the optional extras it was final I was not going to go as extreme as the Japan model but we could still make it look the similar.

After discussions with my supporters and sponsors I came up with a design that I liked and contacted the guys from Form-A-Sign in Mulgrave, not only are they top notch sign writers but they are both mad keen fishos too. I sent them some images and they sent me a proof and before you know it we have the car looking very similar to the one in Japan.

Wrapped with the way it is now, I do still need to do some cosmetic stuff to it just to make it that little bit more pimping but very happy with the car and how it has come up.

If any one does want to look at getting an FJ cruiser call John at Anthony Smith Toyota on (03) 8371 8188 they are at 1067 Sydney Rd North Coburg VIC 3058

The guys at Form-A-Sign can be contacted on (03) 9561 7300 and speak to Ken and Wes, tell em I sent you.

Also massive thanks to Yoshiyuki Iwamoto, Kotaro Kake and Yuki Kitagowa for help with the required images to get it all finished.