Wednesday, 10 August 2011

SUAF productions presents

Some great video work by Richard Greven, came up a treat from footage he took while out on Big time Charters last weekend, gives an insight into the info that we provide on the tutorials that we run

Monday, 8 August 2011

Catching squid Bigtime

Another weekend of squid tutorials on board Bigtime Fishing Charters with skipper Gawaine Blake, the squid catching was excellent with over 190 squid landed for the day, was a touch disappointed with the overall size of the squid with mantle sizes averaging between 18-22cm, this is however a good sign for our trips in the coming weeks as the squid will double their size approx every 4 weeks so the squid we were catching over the weekend will be up to 44cm in a months time, this also gives us a goo indication of when the main portion of squid spawn will take place. Although we will still be active in the fishing for squid during that time but will be releasing a lot more of the big girls that come on board to finish the spawn cycle. Its also important to understand that squid only live for a short period of about 1 year and die a very short time after so keeping the big girls in the water to fishing their business is paramount. For further information about the Squid tutorials please contact Gawaine Blake from Bigtime Fishing Charters 0411 103 367 or book online. For those booking from overseas please contact me on 0417590547 with your arrival dates and quote egikuma for bookings. Blog photo uploader is struggling this morning so will upload some images a little later on this afternoon.