Saturday, 8 February 2014

Osaka Fishing Tackle Show Day 1

Day 1 of the Osaka Fishing Tackle Show is reserved for trade customers only, it is generally the quietest day of the show and gives a chance for business to business deals and also for media to get in without fighting the crowds for file footage. Today did not disappoint, one minute it was empty the next it was full.

I started the day nice and early and spent some time strolling around the Intex Exhibition center, its a massive place and one where there is always something happening. I ended up in the ticket booth nice and early where I was able to beat the crowds to the queue. having my credentials in order I went about exploring.

The Osaka show does not simply open - its a very detailed opening ceremony that includes a ribbon cutting, the space that was empty only minutes before was now full of retailers and wholesalers looking to see what was next to come in fishing tackle. I was able to catch up with a few folks I had met previous from all over the world and also some GOSEN staff as they entered the great hall of fishing goodies. The ceremony completed the doors opened and the people came in, bearing in mind that today was a trade only day there were people every where

I went straight to the Gan Craft booth where I met with the Gan Craft family, after playing around on the stand for a bit and taking a few photo's I started to stroll around the exhibition. I got to the GOSEN stand to find yet another billboard with my mug on it, not sure how many other people have experienced this before but humbling is an understatement. The staff were all awesome and we got a heap of pics in and had a chat before I started moving again.

For those not aware, this year I was here for 2 reasons, the first as a Gan Craft and GOSEN Pro Staff member and second of all  I have decided that I may start importing some products into Australia that our market has yet seen. I met with some people that I have interest in with very positive results, its not very easy to start up business in Japan, its very much a local market only but I hope to have some products landing in the very near future. This year also we had in company Kosta from Hooked up magazine where we were able to pump out some footage for Hooked up magazine in both sponsored booths.

Half shagged from a long day we all went for dinner at a local restaurant, the food was awesome and the beers were going down far too easy. As we were munching away at dinner I looked outside to see it was snowing and been for some time. The temptation was too much and after plenty of beer and whiskey Kosta and myself ended up outside throwing snowballs at each other. For 2 guys from Melbourne its not the norm to see snow falling so we just had to have a play.

Dinner complete we made our way to the Grand Hyatt Sky bar for more drinks - oh dear I knew I did not need anymore but the company was too good to refuse. After way too many beers, whiskey's, expresso martini's, baileys, shochu and port and stumbled down the lift with the others in tow and we ended up outside in more snow.

Cracking day that I am sure will be better again tomorrow - this place just keeps getting better.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Osaka Tackle Show 2014 - Arrival

Its always a very exciting time of the year when I make my annual pilgrimage to Japan for the Osaka Fishing Show and this year is no different.

Kansai Airport
Like a kid the day before Christmas I was sitting up watching the clock tick waiting for the alarm to sound, it was 0300 in the morning when I got in the shower and got my awesome wife to drive me to the Melbourne Airport. Flight due for 0600 it was going to be a very long day with our plane due to land in Osaka at 1930.

Flights went well from Melbourne to Cairns and then through to Kansai. As most in Australia would know we have been having a very hot spell in Melbourne of late and knowing that I was to fly into Cairns I opted for the shorts, tshirt and crocs for the trip. Now I knew it was winter in Japan but I was not aware that today was the coldest day of the year so far.
Cosmo Square Hotel room

Mr Kitagawa met us at the airport in Kansai and was kind enough to drive us to the hotel, this year we are staying in the Cosmopolitan Square with a view over the Intex trade centre with a very comfy room. Something that I find cool in Japan is no more getting dressed, getting in the lift and walking outside for a smoke, I am allowed to spark one up in the room.

Any way it must be time for bed - big day tomorrow drooling over the toys on display at the tackle show.
old school 

View from hotel room