Saturday, 8 October 2011

Yamashita Squid Series 2011, Fishing Fever round 4 Carrum

What a perfect start to the morning, no wind no rain and most importantly every one present and accounted for, lots of banter and avoiding topics such as locations and tactics.
 Melbourne has really turned on the conditions in this round with the overcast conditions and low wind giving teams a perfect day for casting at squid, by the sounds of things most teams are heading due south to look for the all important big squid that have been elusive over the past few weeks in the hope of getting a big bag fast and early allowing them to upgrade when they can. From the start it looked like it was going to be a race as to who could get to the southern end of the bay and secure a good drift location in some tight patchy reef with advantage paid to team Bigtime - Megabass and with twin Cootacraft Gunshots a known high performance vessel. At the end of the day though it may come down to the numbers and as we have seen in the past consistent bags will always place teams higher on the list. We wish all the teams well for day 1 and later in the day we will post the results of the first day weigh in.