Saturday, 25 June 2011

Yamashita Squid Series, Fishing Fever round 1 Hastings Victoria.

Day 1 Yamashita Squid Series 2011, Fishing Fever Round Hastings.

Bag weights of 3 squid weighed live and released
  1. Little Hooker - Quinn Scott & Adam Crocombe: 3 squid 3675g
  2. Team Shimano / Bar Crusher - Brendan Wing & Finn Wing: 3 Squid 3575g
  3. Team Peninsula Total Tackle - Dan Lee & Marcus "BAZ" Gorman: 3 Squid3125g
  4. Team Fishing Fever - Lee Rayner & Morne Muller: 3 Squid 2245g
  5. Team Mrfisho/Pelagic Extreme - Michael Mizzi & Matthew Pilley: 3 Squid 2175g
  6. Team Victorian Salt Water Fishing - Dale McClelland & Paul Barton: 3 Squid1670g
  7. Team Gladiator/Gan Craft - Andrew Wilson & Leigh Hallet: 1350g
  8. Team Yamashita - Dominic Costanzo & Glen McDonnell : DNF -750g
Berkley Big Squid - Team Little Hooker: 1540g

Was a great start to the morning with all Teams present and accounted for, this first round had a brilliant field of anglers and for new comers would have been a brilliant look at how the events are run and also as a measuring stick against some of the best egi anglers in Victoria, Team Yamashita led the field out of the Hastings Channel at 0700 sharp with all other teams following with a 10 second delay. Similar tactics and locations were shared by most anglers as the chase for fish in dark and dirty water north of Stoney Point and a little clearer down Flinders way. Team Vicsalt was the first team in to weigh a full bag of healthy squid. We were fortunate to have some very helpful anglers who displayed some real acts of sportsmanship as Team Yamashita was unable to return to the weigh in area after motor problems Team Vic Salt was able to assist in towing team Yamashita back to Hastings from Tankerton, a real feat in North head winds so a very big thank you to Team Vicsalt and also team Mrfisho who also offered to render assistance during competition hours. as teams arrived to weigh the position of first changed 3 times before the boys from little hooker finished the day off in first with a close follow into second with Team Shimano/Barcrusher with young 5 year old Finn claiming the heaviest squid in the bag for his team. Great to see a bit of interest from the local fisho's who had never seen an event like this before and the attraction of the 2 1000 litre tanks was a fair spectacle for the few who came past.

Speacial thanks.
Steve Mills from EJ Todd for helping with the set up and putting up some great Yamashita Displays with all the new Egi O Q Live deep and shallow range.
Lee Rayner and Morne Muller for couriering around some deliveries for us.
Wayne Freibe for some great last minute ecogear prize packs.
Lowrance for coming on board for the team of the year prize of 2 HDS units
Kim, Dan and Pete for helping out on the day and in the time leading up to the events.

Look out day 2 here we come.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Ready set squid

Briefing complete for the Tournament in the morning, all questions answered and all rules covered, now all they have to do is catch the squid, I wish all the competitors the best and a safe journey over the 2 days of competition, big thanks to the sponsors who have made it happen
Yamashita, Fishing Fever, GanCraft, Shimano, Berkley, Sunline, Ej Todd, ABT and the new kid on the block for the angler of the year Lowrance.
There is no way we would have got any where without the support and I can not express how much I appreciate not only the sponsorship but also the support offered by each sponsor.

Will post some pictures and results after day 1 tomorrow night

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Yamashita Squid Series Fishing Fever Round

For those fishing in the Fishing Fever round at Hastings in Victoria this weekend don't forget the briefing at the Westernport Angling Club rooms on Marine Parade in Hastings (next to boat ramp) The breifing starts at 8:00PM and is open to the public for those who are keen to see how things work but have yet to enter the event and we welcome any one to come down and talk with us on any queries about the event. It looks like we have dodged a bullet with the weather, with wind reaching 120km an hour along the western shores of Westernport this week the weather Gods have given us a break and given us a nice sea breezes on Saturday to 15 knots and similar on Sunday with wind increasing on Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Australian Egi Tournaments has just upped the ante.

Australian Egi Tournaments have just upped the ante for the Yamashita Squid series Fishing Fever round

Minimum $1000 First prize,
Second is cash as per entries and a $300 Shimano Sephia Rod Prize pack from Fishing Fever
Third is $400 Berkley Egi Master Prize pack
Big squid is a $500 Berkley Egi Master Prize Pack

Forms must be in by 1500 on Friday. If you are curious about how it works or need more info call Paul Carter on 0417590547 or email

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Countdown to the Yamashita Squid series Hastings

5 Days and counting for the first round of a National series of squid comps in Australia, everything ready to go and heaps of squid in Western Port the location of the first qualifying round.
If any one is interested in popping down for a look at how it all works the start will be at the Hastings Boat Ramp in Victoria with a sprint start at 0700 with the weigh in at 1400 Saturday
Day 2 on Sunday will start with a chase start at 0700 and again the weigh in at 1400 with prizes and presentation expected by 1600

For more info I can be contacted on 0417590547