Saturday, 24 March 2012

Quick mid week session

Having finished work early on Monday I made the quick dash home to grab the boat, on the way home I posted on face book with an open invitation for any one who was keen for a squid session to give me a call. Plenty of response and I ended up taking my neighbor Ed from next door, I had heard some rumors of some thumper squid in Western Port so I made the decision to launch at Hastings and go in search for some big ones, We made a quick trip over to Tankerton as last weekend we managed to find a couple of half decent squid. Was not long before we had a few in the well. Nothing massive but around the 800g to a Kilo mark so still nice squid. After playing with the average size guys we thought a quick bolt down south before it got too late was in order. We got as far as buoy 6 when we came across some schools of Salmon so Ed thought a couple of Salmon would be nice, we stopped on a school of fish and had a couple of casts, after a slight technique change Ed was onto a nice salmon of about 2kg after a short fight it was boated and chucked in the well, apparently some people actually eat Salmon. I get bored pretty quick with Salmon so I cut the Salmon session short and went looking for squid again. We tried a few spots in the deep south of WP only finding a few standard sized squid and less frequent than they were in the mid west of Western Port so another change was in order, made the dash from the Flinders area to Quail Bank near Yaringa, was not long before the squid started coming in one after another, again nothing big but perfect for those who eat them. When things slowed down we made one last move to Tyabb Bank where things were a lot tougher with dark and dirty water so it was decided to call it a day. Ended up with a bag I think that Ed took home for a feed. Was great arvo on the water, no wind no rain and lots of sunshine. I used a few colors I have not used much or at all including some special colors not available yet on the Australian market, the pike in the areas I fished loved the new colors and I was bitten off on numrous occasions so there are either heaps of pike swimming around with a mouth full of new jewelery or some very expensive reef forming material laying on the floor of the ocean. One color that excelled on the day was Gan Craft Blue Blur Choi, the one with the lady bug on the back, I call it Big Gay Al, it was a cracker.
Eds Biggest

Big Gay Al