Saturday, 16 July 2011

Gan Craft on water experience round 2

This morning saw the second group from the Gan Craft on water experience hit the water, launching a little earlier than last time the group met Gawaine Blake from Bigtime charters at 0600, Hasting Boat Ramp in Victoria was cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey at that hour, the troops were glad they did not have the wind we had the few weeks earlier as well as the cold. We headed out the Hasting Channel and turned left towards Tyabb Bank, one thing that was noticed was the full moon high in the west as we made our way off, not the best moon for squid fishing in Australia but we battled on regardless. The first squid did not take to long to come into the boat but was hardly the larger ones we were hoping for. As the sun started o rise we anticipated a few more squid but they held off on all lures, there was a fair spread of colors and sizes with various styles of working the egi, was a very slow start to the day. A nice sight for those of us who braved the cool weather was a rare meeting with a couple of whales slowly moving up the Port breaching along the way, I was hoping to get the perfect tail shot with a zoom lens but these big mammal visitors just didn't read the script.
 As the sun came higher into the sky as did the squid, what we did not get in number we made up for in size with a couple of nice Southern Calamari coming in over the next couple of hours. See photos below for the squid pics, was also good to see a few good mates out on the water this morning, Dale from and John a cracking photo journalist local to to Western Port, to see johns work check out Ebbtide Adventures some great stuff.
If any one needs more info about squid charters in Western Port and Port Phillip contact Gawain Blake from Bigtime Fishing Charters, big thanks to Fishing Fever in Mordialloc who let us use their store for the first component of the clinics, for all your squid gear give em a ring on 95909899 and tell em I sent ya.
                                                    Gawaine Blake

                                                    Stonker for Neil
                                Gan Craft Uo-Jya 3.5 Big jigs with small squid
                                                      Dale and John

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Squid Seminar @ Fishing Fever

Wednesday coming the guys from Fishing Fever are holding a info packed Squid seminar in store on Wednesday night, Lee Rayner and Morne Mueller will be presenting a heap of info about all things squid, I will be there with my 2 cents worth also and taking a few photo's for the blog.

For more info or to book your spot contact Fishing Fever on 95909899, tell em I sent ya.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Squid @ Cranbourne

Jarrod Day
I was fortunate enough to attend yet another squid tuition seminar in another tackle store on Saturday gone, the attention that egingu and squid fishing in general has generated is nothing short of amazing with more and more people keen to understand all things squid, an intimate group of anglers gathered at Tackleworld in Cranbourne at 0900 in the morning (yawns) to hear the presentation prepared by staff member Jarrod Day, an accomplished writer and photo journalist in the fishing fraternity. Jarrod whipped straight into the subject and covered all things from specialist egi equipment to hanging dead baits under floats. One of the things that stood out for me was that by limiting the group sizes keeping the numbers down increased attendee attention and gave them a chance to see close up the items that Jarrod was addressing.  Throughout the talk Jarrod presented examples of many egi that lined the shelves and gave a good account of various brands and how they not only look different but also respond different to angler action, we also got a sneak peak at the new "IKA" jigs being brought out by Tackleworld. From egi he then spoke of scents and pimping materials like Royal awabi shell. I was not able to stick around to see the second talk as I had prior lunch commitments but from all feedback went as well as the first.

Jarrod on his collection
Going though egi
It will be worth keeping an eye on further details of future events held both at Cranbourne and other stores around Australia over the coming weeks with the winter trend showing plenty of squid on the menu, I will try and keep everyone up to date on all things educational both in store and on the water.

Tackling Rumors

Folks I appreciate the phone calls, emails, personal messages and support regarding rumors about staff from a particular retail outlet in Victoria, however, I can not and will not contribute to the rumors nor will I discuss or assist in the ongoing and prolonging of the continuity of something that has already been blown completely out of proportion. I can not control what others say or the interpretation of what people believe. 
 In short there is nothing to talk about, there never was anything to talk about and there will not be anything to talk about as there was nothing to talk about from the beginning. 
It is simply fair to say that unless it comes from the horse's mouth (I am the horse) then is is nothing more than Chinese whispers as this horse's mouth has been sealed.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Wind Wind go away

It looks like we may have a nice break in the wind this weekend starting from Thursday, I will be out Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday with Monday being a distinct possibility. Hope to be able to get some good photo's for you all in the coming days.

Working on the web site over the next couple of days so I can keep the blog for me separate to the Australian Egi Tournament stuff.

This weekend can not come fast enough.