Sunday, 29 May 2011

  Great day on the water in southern Port Phillip bay, Melbourne. Started off a bit slow with hundreds of small squid plagued the southern areas of PPB from Blairgowrie through to Point Lonsdale.

 Slight Change in tact and moved into a 4.5 meter deep area that was very reefy and we decided to battle through the little ones and keep at the larger models in the hope that one of the breeders had come in early.

Took a little while but they started to get better at the top of the high tide around the Portsea area once the wind had picked up a bit to approx 10 knots, until then the wind had been zero so maintaining a drift was tough in the boat

 Egi of choice was the Gan Craft Egi- Jya 3.5 in Heart Panda and Orenjiriarushurinpu.  Most dissapointing moment of the day was loosing an egi that was a gift from Yuya Nakahira San and the only one in Australia, still in Australia just lodged in the bottom of the sea and not in my tackle bag. So the last photo was the last time it will see a squid.

We ended up with a few nice ones with the biggest going about 45 cm and weighed approx 2.8kg, looks like PPB stil has another month before the breeders start so time will tell


  1. Hi Paul. Do you use the same technique with an Egi rod as they do in Japan?