Saturday, 2 July 2011

Gan Craft on Water Clinics

Today was the first day of our on water egi clinics, in the past we have recognized that conducting in store only clinics/seminars that people get all the technical side of things sorted but still struggle with some of the practical application. It was decided that we take people through the tech stuff in the tackle store and then get them on the water to get the practical side of things sorted with some separate one on one tuition if required. The guys at Fishing fever were great and kept the shop open for a while afterwards to make sure that every one was able to grab what they needed after learning a thing or 2 about a thing or 2 and I hope every one went away happy

Things kicked off last night at Fishing Fever Tackle store in Mordialloc where we went through the basics about egi and some of the technical stuff,we kept the group to a 12 maximum for a couple of reasons, first it would be a real task to get a boat flexible enough to go to where the squid are and fit massive amounts of keen fisho's on board. For this on water component we used Big Time Charters with Gawaine Blake, although the boat is licensed for 10 we kept the numbers to 6 as you can all well imagine what it would be like with 10 people who have just discovered an aggressive egi technique all casting and swinging rods around................................ hence why we kept the groups small. Second is because I wanted to make sure that every one got some one on one time if required, it is a task to get to every one to make sure we got every one sorted and thirdly, fishing of all sorts is supposed to be fun so keeping it small with lots of room means less grumpyness.

With a massive wind forecast for the weekend we were a little apprehensive on taking a group out on both days but were sure we could get the group out on the Saturday and get out we did. We were met with mild winds of about 10 knots from the north east, conditions were not far from perfect, we got to our location on Tyabb bank and started a drift with every one keen to put some new technique into practice. Did not take long to get the first few into the boat and they kept coming, ended up with close to 50 squid landed for the 4 or so hours we spent on the water before the wind built up and blew us all away.

It was a great day for me I only hope that every one else had a good one also and took something away from the instore and on water clinic.

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