Friday, 9 September 2011

Yamashita Squid Series 2011 Shimano Sydney Harbour Round Results

Day one kick off
After an unfortunate chain of events we lost 4 teams the day before competition but the event still went ahead with some close results.
Day 1 saw the teams all heading different directions early in the piece with teams using various areas and fishing differing techniques. Both Yamashita and Yamashita 2 took advantage of an early weigh in so as not to risk loosing their catch from early in the morning, this ended up assisting Yamashita 2 with their lead going into Day 2. All teams landed their bag of 3 squid for weight recording.

Key allocation
Day 2 was not so much different with and teams scattered to similar areas as day 1 with the exception of Team Sunline who traveled up past the Harbour Bridge to try something different, this risk sadly did not pay off with the teams fishing the southern reaches of the harbour landing their bags in fairly quick succession with the opportunity of upgrades through out the morning.

Yamashita Early Weigh in

Team Sunline day 2

Team Yamashita 2 early weigh in

Tidal complications for weigh in

Weigh in area


Final 4
Winners Eisuke Kawakami and Nick Martin (Yamashita)

Runners up Bryan Todd and Stuart Reid (Team Yamashita 2)

3rd Glenn McDonnell and Dominic Costanza

Great couple of days had by all, big thanks to EJ Todd, Shimano and Gan Craft for supporting the event and Berkley for providing the Berkley Big Squid prize and the 4th position prize. Also  a big thanks to Dan Stanilovic for making the trip up from Melbourne to help with the event, Maddison Graham for getting her feet wet and helping teams get their bags up to be weighed and Kim Stewart for keeping me honest and recording all event weights and details.

1st prize was $1000 Cash
2nd prize was a $900 Shimano Prize Pack
3rd prize was a $600 Yamashita Prize Pack
4th Prize was a $250 Berkley Egi Master Pack

Eyes ahead now to the next Melbourne Event

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