Thursday, 20 October 2011

Talking Squid at the BSGFC

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend an evening with some real seasoned fisho's at the Bass Strait Game Fishing Club in Hastings, was a nice intimate chat with about 35 people present talking all things squid before they held there annual family day 'Squid Off' always good to talk with people keen to understand new techniques and styles and also hear the stories of some of the monster squid that have been caught both in Western Port and offshore in Bass Strait. Had heaps of time up my sleeve on this one so I was able to do a full presentation with video and practical demonstrations on how a good egi compares with a cheap one. Big thanks to the club for the invite and Dale McClellend and Daron Proudloc for the help getting all my crap out of the car. This club is one that if any one is considering doing any game fishing in Victoria they should be a member of, looking at the members here there is a lot of game fishing experience in their members and massive amount of records held by club members, so if you are considering getting into game fishing or are a seasoned game fisho who is looking at meeting with other game fisho's that have plenty of experience give em a bell at or check out their website

Color selection chart

Clint attempting to pull apart a Gan Craft Egi-Jya that has been used and me pulling apart a new out of the box egi with ease

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  1. paul will finally get to see one of your presentations down at Rosebud cant wait