Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Yamashita Squid Seies 2011 Gan Craft Round 6

For once in the history of our events we had perfect conditions on both days, light sea breezes, sun shining and more squid than you can poke a stick at. This round was a donation event where teams were asked to contribute a donation to Beyond Blue rather than pay an entry fee to compete, thanks to all who contributed we managed to raise more than $600 for this cause.

Day one saw teams assemble at Quarantine Bay for the 0700 start with mirror conditions in the  harbour, with teams off I hung around at the ramp chatting with a few people curious as to how things work, not more than 20 minutes later I had a phone cal from team Yamashita 1 seeking to take advantage of the early weigh in. Scales out of the car and laptop turned on they were back before the computer even booted up. Bag on scales it pulled down an impressive 1.855kg giving them a cracking start to the day and also giving the other teams reason for concern. The rest of the day was quiet until weigh in.

The Warneet Crew was the first to weigh in closely followed by Team Gladiator while the other teams left it till the final minutes to secure their weights. The Top 3 finished like this

1st Team Gan Craft - Takanori Hiraiwa / Yoshiyuki Iwamoto - 3 squid =2.605kg
2nd Team Yamashita 1 - Dominic Costanza / Glenn McDonnell - 3 Squid = 2.505kg
3rd Team Gladiator - Stephen Blackmore / Andrew Wilson - 3 Squid = 1.625kg

All teams managed to get their bags within the firs few hours having the remainder of the day to upgrade making for interesting competition and any ones event in day 2.

Day 2 saw and almost immediate loss to team Gladiator with boat issues keeping them from starting day 2 leaving the 3rd position open to any one who weighs in, with 1st and second so close there is plenty of room for any one at the top. With similar conditions to day 1 we kicked off the day start. I stuck around for a while in the morning in the off chance that I got another call with a big squid, all quiet on the entrants front I headed in to town for breakfast and to see if I could find a vantage position to see what some of the teams were doing and hopefully with the help of a zoom lens get a few pics.

I returned to the weighing tent at 1200 and had a chance to speak with plenty of locals who were keen to talk about what we were doing, great to see a community get behind an event like this with plenty of people interested in another event in their town.

First team to weigh in was Yamashita 1 with all other teams following in close succession. The final day top 3 finished like this with a cumulative total for the 2 days as follows.

1st Team Gan Craft - Takanori Hiraiwa / Yoshiyuki Iwamoto - 6 squid =5.245kg
2nd Team Yamashita 1 - Dominic Costanza / Glenn McDonnell - 6 Squid = 4.060kg
3rd Warneet Crew - Megan McDonnell / Shane Hutchinson - 6 Squid = 3.215kg

Team Yamashita 1 also took out the Berkley Big Squid Prize with their Day1 early weigh in of 1.855kg.

It should be noted that none of the teams in the top 3 had never fished for squid in Eden prior to the event and some not even in Australia, it is a credit to their skill base and knowledge of all things squid to do as well as they did.

Although not officially announced until the Grand Final Team Yamashita 1 should be congratulated for placing them selves in a position that can not be beaten for Team Of The Year 2011, they had a tough year but managed 2 podium finishes and were able to make it to each and every event on the calender, as the tournament director I thank them for their support and am proud to hand the prize over along with the trophy to the boys. It is a well deserved win and one I know they will be proud of.

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