Sunday, 11 March 2012

Jervis Bay

Image courtesy of Scott Thomas
A few weeks back I had the oppurtunity to head up to a place I have never before Gan Craft as they were in town doing some pictorial and film work with Fishing World Magazine, all started off well with the drive ufished, Jervis Bay in NSW was the destination. I drove up to meet with our friends Chube' and Kotaro from Gan Craft until a kamakaze Kangaroo jumped on to the road and made contact with the boat trailer near Broadford in Victoria, the roo managed to leave the left hand guard bent but no other damage, pulled into a road rest stop and managed to find some timber and used my jack to bend the guard back into shape. All good I kept on moving. I arrived in a nice small town Gerroa where I would be staying with our friends for a couple of days. I arrived to find both Kotaro and Chube' there but no sign of their fishing gear, was going to be a tough ask to catch a fish on film with no fishing gear, as luck would have it I had brought half my Garage up with me and included in the mess was a few Violence Jerks, this meant that the squid filming would go ahead. We had a fairly early night as the next morning saw an early start t a place called Hutchisons. In the dark of the orning we met with Jim Harnwell and his Camera man Scott Thomas who was kind enough to pop off a few shots of my boat floating something I dont have many of so massive thanks to Scott. Things started off a little slow but soon found the squid a long way from where we started off. We then got a call from the NSW sale rep Margret to let us know that they had arrived, Margret had picked up Yuki (osoi san) from the airport as he managed to miss his flight. It was good to see Yuki again, he always has a smile on his face. We headed back to pick them up and again headed back to where the squid were. Back in the same area Margret managed her first ever squid on one of the Gan Craft Australian Exclusive colors.
we spent a further 6 hours on the waters around Jervis and caught plenty of squid and salmon, although the kingfish were some what elusive, when we had arrived the reports from previous days had the Kings going crazy, however the should have been here yesterday phrase came up all too often., Not detered we kept at them and were beaten by them on the day.

The next day saw us again catching up with the fishing world team at the Shoalhaven River, this water way is known as a very versatile waterway with a good mix of fresh up high and salt down low with a brackish mix in the middle, the target was bass and again the should have been here yesterday phrase was baging between my ears again, we did manage one very small model that smashed a Gan Craft Big Spider Micro during lure testing, was a tough couple of days on the water but always great to fishi new water with ya mates.
Next couple of Days saw us head to Canberra, so far had done 1280km in 2 days looking at a few more to come.

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