Sunday, 2 September 2012

Victorian Anglers say NO to the super trawler

Victorian Recreational fishing got itself a back bone today.
For 20 years Victoria has not seen support for a cause that all recreational anglers can get behind since the anti scallop trawling days, today I was honoured to spend a measly few hours to join in with more than a thousand anglers to for a cause that we all could get behind for our own reasons. 

No matter what the individual reason for

being there the support was very humbling and to be involved from pre planning through to the protest was a memorable experience.
That said this is not the end, it is only the beginning of a long battle of many battles that recreational fishermen have ahead of them, I trust that after today anglers in this state recognize this and understand the importance of their voice as one not as a single angler in the crowd, every one involved should pat them self on the back and stand strong knowing they did their bit.

To the folks launching their boats and going fishing while we prepared our fight this morning hang your heads in shame as you are part of the problem and you will be remembered.

Massive thanks go out to Dale McClelland, Daniel Stanilovic, Barry Tanner, Geoff Fisher, Ben Scullin, Lee Rayner, Russel Conway, VR Fish, Frank De Luca, Abbas Hammoud, Hary Boat Man Baker, Luke Scicluna, Charlie Micallef and the cast of many I may have missed who dedicated their time to make this happen, you are all a credit to the cause for the work conducted on the ground and behind the scenes to make this happen.
This Video clip of the days proceedings was done by Charlie Micallef, a brilliant job in a very short time, passion personified and a big pat on the back.

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