Saturday, 13 October 2012

Hooked on Bait and Tackle Talk night

Although a long way from home, one of my favorite tackle stores to visit is Hooked on Bait and Tackle in Hoppers Crossing, Michael the store owner and his staff do a great job at stocking a massive variety of gear and a lot of hard to get stuff that many stores are hesitant to put in, from memory he was the first store in Australia to have Gan Craft products in his store and was probably the launching pad for Gan Craft in Australia, with that in mind it was a massive privilege to get an invite to do a Gan Craft Squid talk in his store and something I did not have to think about even for a second.

After a quick intro from Michael we got down to the business of talking squid. On this occasion I was able to talk about the reasons behind the new exclusive to Australia color range that I had put lots of time into with the guys from Gan Craft in Japan, new insights behind what squid see and how the hunt and the area's where we can find squid along with some new idea's on deep water squidding.

Half way through the night we had a quick break to allow people to browse over all we had been talking about and answer some curious questions that needed answering, also Michael was good enough to arrange some catering to ensure no one starved during the talk (for me there was no risk of that)

One thing that always resonates with this store is that it always has angler education and information at the forefront of the business, its not all about selling it ensuring that we all understand why we by the gear we need, by doing this the store has been able to maintain a regular loyal customer base and another reason why I am always happy to go and spend time in this store.

If you need any further info about the store feel free to visit them at 159 Old Geelong Road
Hoppers Crossing VIC or give em a buzz on (03) 9748 3811 and tell em I sent you.
Thanks Michael and Andrew for a cracking evening I hope it was as enjoyable for you and your customers as it was for me.

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