Thursday, 27 December 2012

Marron Madness in Victoria

Many people in Australia will know well that Marron are an indigenous species of fresh water cray fish to Western Australia, now we dont know how they got to Victoria and at this stage I dont think any one is complaining too much as apparently they taste great. That said we do not like the idea of them making their way into rivers and streams that hold numbers of Spiny Fresh Water Cray Fish, Murray Cray Fish or Snowy River Cray Fish as it is believed that the Marron would win in the fight of habitat and food share and would render our local species losers in the fight to compete for food and territory. We do know that at this stage they are fairly contained but what people need to understand is that if they are to take Marron from waters in Victoria, as an invasive species they must not transport them live any where, making an ice slurry is a great way to euthanize Marron, the temperature drop puts them to sleep fast causing the least amount of stress. If you fins some Marron in a waterway near you in Victoria it is paramount that you do not take them home or move them about as the spread of an invasive species could have serious effects on the local environment.

When you do find a waterway that contains Marron if you do want to catch them you will need a bright torch, a prawning net and something on your feet that will give you traction in slippery mud, idealy you will find some one else to tag along as being near the water at night on your own just aint safe.

I reckon thats enough of the hints and tips, I wont promote the locations as some folks just could not help them self and we would end up with Marron all over the place.

We arrived at our location at around 1930 and looked at the area's we were going to tackle, as night fell we made our way around the perimeter of the waterway in our search for these snappy little critters, after a few hours we had more than enough for a feed so we called it a night and went home so I could go to work. Was a cracking evening with 3 mates who I enjoy spending time with on and in the water.

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