Sunday, 19 May 2013

New Australian Colors - KUMA GENSAN RANGE


As many folks know over the last few years the company Gan Craft has been active in Australia fishing and learning about squid fishing in Australia. This has been pivotal in their understanding of why we needed unique colors for fishing for squid in Australia. The time they have invested into fishing in Australia is unprecedented for a Japanese lure maker and we appreciate the time they have taken to get to know Australia, its tackle market and how we fish. I dont know about any one else but knowing how small our market is and how little we buy as a nation, it means a lot to me that they have taken the initiative to work with us to better our fishing experience.

Sharcrazy team
I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity of spending time with the guys from Gan Craft both here in Australia and in Japan, I have also been fortunate enough to catch up with some of the worlds best squid fishermen in Japan at the last Osaka Tackle Show and get a clear understanding of what makes a good squid jig design and why the Japanese color range's that we also get in Australia work. The general consensus and a word that was repeated often was Gensan. The word Gensan relates to the word Native and the Japanese range's of colors often relate to the species that are native to a particular area.

Egipara's Isaka Yuko
Pondering this for a while during my last visit to Japan I had a couple of days stuck in a hotel room sick, I knew I had to sit down with the guys at Gan Craft to discuss some new colors and get some designs happening for our market. Every time I thought about what we could do with the new colors I kept coming back to Gensan or native. By the time I was again feeling well I knew what I wanted so when I finally sat down with the creative minds of the staff at Gan Craft I had a plan of where we needed to go and that was mimics of the native species that squid naturally eat in our fishery here in Australia.

The most creative mind at Gan Craft Takanori Hiraiwa
I hope that every one else finds these colors suitable for catching squid in Australia. although they are at sample stage and I dont yet have any in my hands to test in the water I am very happy with the way they turned out. This is the first time ever a color range has been dedicated to endemic species or native to Australia. It will be a game changer for squid fishing and also get every one else to start thinking native. Massive thanks to Stephen Blackmore from Gladiator tackle who has allowed my indulgence with getting these colors to production and for the support needed to get them to where they are now.

Here is the new Australian Gan Craft KUMA GENSAN Range
King George Whiting size 3.0 and 3.5

Grass Whiting UV Size 3.0

Red Mullet or Bearded Goat Fish UV Size 3.0

King Prawn UV size 3.0

Glass Shrimp UV Size 3.0 and 3.5 (note this will have a red eye)

Banana Prawn size 3.0

Squid size 3.5

Slimy Mackerel size 3.5

Scad or Horse Mackerel size 3.5
I will update the real names and color numbers and codes in time, I was just busting to get the color sample up to share with you all, very proud of what we have achieved here.

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