Thursday, 25 July 2013


One of the most spectacular places in Victoria is Western Port in Winter.

Its not always grey sky's heavy wind and rain, it can be a tidal maze of blue sky's crystal clear water and fresh crisp air that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand to attention while you are admiring the silence of the out of season waterway. During the week down south of the port you can go a day without seeing another sole apart from the seals and dolphins that dance around your boat watching you as if they have never seen another human before.

It is by far my favorite place to fish during the winter months, its no secret that some of our biggest squid are found at this time of the year and although this means rugging up and looking almost Eskimo like the rewards of simply being on Westernport to enjoy the port for what it is are worth it, catching a few fish is just the bonus.

Dont let the description baffle you though, the southern end of Westernport is a mistress that must be treated with the utmost respect, while some days she we reward you with a smooth run and glassed out water, other days when you get a big southerly wind versus an outgoing tide you will see breaking water in the channel at heights that are hard enough to imagine let alone traverse through so knowing that as spectacular as a trip could be you also need to remember how dangerous it can also be if you have not planned your trip right. Its hardly an image from Hollywood's "Perfect Storm" but is a place that has taken lives and will continue to do so while people do not pay it the respect it deserves.

On this occasion we were rewarded with perfect conditions, no one around to bother us and plenty of squid to go around, when the sun broke through the mist lifted off the water and in the cold air I could feel the sun warming my back as we cast away all morning.

Put it on your list of things to do Westernport in winter - our bays are not just for Snapper season.

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