Saturday, 9 November 2013

Day 1 Cap York, Far North Queensland

It has been a long time in the planning but I have finally made it to Seisia in Far North Queensland at Cape York.

The day started off well with my wife kindly waking up early to get me off to Tullamarine airport for the early start to the flights for the day. I got to the Quantas check in and they were great considering the amount of crap i was carting around from rod tubes to tackle bags and i think i even managed to fit in some clothes among the copious amounts of fishing gear. Flight number 1 started at 0830 for Cairns.

Villa 6 our accomodation
I arrived at Cairns airport and I had a mad rush to check in for my Skytrans flight to Bamaga so I jumped off the plane and believe it or not I ran to the baggage area picked up my bags and made the my way to the check in area. I was in the process of weighing my bags and checking in and just as my bags were heading onto the conveyor belt I asked the lady if I could check my bag as I was sure I had locked my bag before leaving Melbourne but the one on the belt was unlocked. They took it off the belt and I opened the bag and i was sure I did not pack baby clothes and g strings. I made the mad bolt back to the baggage area were there was a very confused looking lady with a pram and an identical bag to mine. We made the swap and again I started to run back to the Skytrans check in.Just in the nick of time I got myself checked in and made the next mad rush to fill myself up with a couple of Hungry Jacks burgers.

The view from just outside the cabin
The next flight was delayed for a fair bit, I knew I was in far North Queensland when the flight board said BAMAGA.........................RELAX. after some time we finally made our way onto the light plane for the next stage of our journey. The view from the plane over the water was amazing, the atolls and reef structure coming up out of no where and creating these massive fish holding islands. a couple of hours later the landscape had changed from the green blue ocean to the red dusty ground of Australia's Far North. We landed safely and we made our way from the tarmac and into the shed where our bags were coming to.

Too much tackle
We met Sam from Cape York Adventures our charter host for the weekend and we all crammed our gear in to the car and made our way to the Seisia community  to get our stuff put away. We made a detour to meet with John and Tom the 2 blokes in charge of us getting our arms stretched on some fish. They were some great guys and gave us a good lead into the trip. Off the accommodation via the supermarket for supplies and the rigging begins. All I can say is 4 guys all with far too much tackle rigging knot tying and hook changing like machines. We soon realized we were running out of time to get to the Seisia Fishing club were we had a chat with some locals and smashed a few hamburgers before heading back to the room for  kip.

When we got back I has a quick shower, the freak out came when I noticed this red liquid running down the drain hole so I was looking for a cut or a gash on my legs only to find it was the red dust sticking to the sweat on my legs. Time to sleep.


In front of our room WARNING Crocadiles

Saltwater Crocs cruising past our room

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