Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The ink Christening

Well I have done a few hours on the boat since I got her but today I finally took some gear out with me as she is now run in, was a cracking day on the water with a slight chop early ending with a calm flat day on the bay.

Started off doing some sight seeing and playing around with the trim but soon settled in with some squid. Started in Rye in the fields but only managed about 8 or so average sized calamari so I headed south towards Portsea, did not take long but in about 30 minutes I landed about 20 squid, no giants but still with hoods to 40cm they were great fun. With a heap of squid caught and released it was time to make my way over towards Queenscliff to see if I could find a few bigger models, not a taker there so headed towards Indented head where I found a heap of small squid to 20cm hoods. No luck on the bigger ones I made my way to point Lonsdale to some of my old haunts, again nothing of significance so I decided to call it a day, stopped at Sorrento moorings for a quick play when these blokes came and scared everything away so I just put the boat back on the trailer and went home.

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