Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Some cracking squid

A few people have sent me some pics over the last few days of their catches in Victoria, certainly some nice squid getting about

First one is Daniel Windsor who landed this beauty off Waratah bay on a Gan Craft Uo-Jya in color 24 Drunken Red Stop

Photo By Benny Reinwald
and secondly is Luke Scicluna who landed a couple of nice ones on the same color egi in Western Port, looks like this color is doing its job a treat.
Image thanks to Luke Scicluna

Picture by Luke Scicluna

Normally by this time of the year the squid go a bit quiet or get smaller in size but great to see some bigger ones still about.

Well done boys.

For full size images click on the originals and they will open larger.

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