Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Kuma Colors

Last year during a visits from the folks at Gan Craft Japan some discussions were had about some exclusive limited edition colors in both the egi-jya and uo-jya color range, after some very close consultation some cracking colors will be released in the next month available in Australian stores only. Cant wait to see them on the shelf and congrats to the Japan team for bringing it all together and making the lures as close as humanly possible to what we thought best suited Australian anglers and waters
For those curious as to why we picked these particular colors we will start from the top:

Although the Kuma Killer looks all things black it starts with the foil below the cloth, introducing more red foils into the mix it started with this one, red is best for refracting light at night and in low light so red foil for starters, then as we all know black casts a better silhouette  at night so a black cloth was added to enhance the silhouette, with all bases covered we also considered the contrasting colors and with all black cloth the white eyes and white shrimp pattern along with white feather brought this color out and added some contrast.

The Kuma zero color is one that is close to my heart as I m a big fan of natural colors, I love gold foils as I mostly fish early mornings and late afternoons when the gold foil is best used. By adding browns and blacks  the replication of many Australian bait species was an important choice. We all know how well brown on gold worked in the past before it became harder to find.

Like the Kuma zero the Kuma MG was built with local species in mind and again the red foil, great in low light and a favourite to many egingu anglers Australia wide, bringing the plum through to dark red through to black across the back replicates a lot of species that squid choose to eat including small snapper and red mullet.

The UO-JYa colors were very specific to our local species starting with the top of the list and can any body say grass whiting, slimy mackerel, or yakka. Keeping it real was the motif behind this and the second on the list, although we wanted to add some red to the color instead of green because we all know how much Australian squid like reds. which brings me to my fave of the UO-JYA's the full red color of the drunken red stop color from the original range has always been a very popular color in Australia, that said we wanted one that would have a contrast in color and cause feeding aggression in the squid strike, we think this sums it up just nice and when all is said and done it looks way cool aswell.

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  1. Hello Paul,

    Thank you for taking the time to explain how the colour concepts came about for the new "Aussie Jigs". I am GRADUALLY increasing my collection of 'Gancraft' jigs, (as mentioned by you in numerous articles'blogs on Facebook). I mainly fish 'Corner Inlet', and the last time I was there, I used a 'Goldy/blackish' colour & "Whammo"!! (Took me ages to get that bloody ink out of my 'Little Ram')!!....Lol

    I hope you enjoy your trip to 'Nippon', and look forward to hearing about your exploits in due course.


    Trevor Geitz