Saturday, 14 July 2012

Quick squid session in the cold

We had a small break in the weather this morning, a very small break but a break none the less so I grabbed my mate Dan and headed to the southern end of Western Port to have a look around some new water that I had ever fished before. With the rain we had fall during the last few days the water clarity was as I expected....... Filthy dirty mud colored water at the ramp. This would also mean that the normal haunts in the northern parts of the Port would also have similar effects so the decision to head south was a relatively easy one to make. We knew we did not have a lot of time and we knew that thunderstorms and heavy rain were coming so it was only going to be a quick bash and explore to find some squid in a new area not often fished.

Victoria did not let us down in the weather department putting on massive displays of rain, wind and low temperatures, it did not take long for the wet weather gear to come out and the beanie and neck warmer in place to keep the cold wind out. we found a few productive drifts and managed a fair few squid before a slight swing in the wind from the west changed our drift and left us with out the protection of land, our drift speed was getting up around 2.5kph so working a jig was tough. We made a quick move back up to Tyabb bank for a sniff around but again the wind was ripping through and drift speed was higher than expected. We decided to call it quits and head to the car wash place to give the tub a scrub before I head overseas to Japan mid next week.

For all my friends in Japan I will be arriving in Japan on Wednesday the 18th of July at Kansai then Heading to Kobe for a couple of days before heading south to hang with my friends from Gan Craft. Looking forward to the trip. If any one is keen to catch up while I am there drop me a message and I will try and meet up if time allows.

For those who are not convinced that it is me in the photo please look at the pic below and the shorts and crocs should give me away

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